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Straightaway Cocktails

Negroni Spritz

Negroni Spritz

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Not available in: AK,HI,MA,UT

Tasting Notes: Herbaceous, zesty, brisk

Ingredients: Sparkling pinot gris, Accompani Sweet Vermouth, housemade bitter red amaro

Can Size: 250 mL, ABV: 13%

The Negroni Spritz was born from a hurried bartender mistaking prosecco for gin, thus resulting in this bubbly libation. But mistakes that involve prosecco do not remain mistakes for long. The drink has been embraced by Italians as a less potent cousin of Camillo Negroni’s original cocktail, and has now made its way to you. Delight in this post-work apéritif and let the day’s mishaps fade into distant memories.

"Thanks to its sweet vermouth, summer is the perfect time to test Straightaway Negroni Spritz. The housemade amaro has a bittersweet flavor and a delightful aperitif. The exterior of the packaging will also steal your first glance. Get ready to down this refreshing beverage in the company of friends while on a picnic or camping adventure." - Money Inc.


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