Photo of Founders Cy Cain and Casey Richwine enjoy a cocktail together in the tasting room.

We’ve perfected the art of the cocktail so you can perfect the art of the party.

After years of perfecting our recipes for friends and family, we founded Straightaway so more people can enjoy a world class cocktail with the same ease as opening a bottle of wine or a can of beer. We build drinks with one standard in mind: I.N.M.O.T.I.M.L. I need more of this in my life. 

Pour photo of our 100ml Oregon Old Fashioned into a rocks glass.

Lively Liquid Masterpieces

We take the ‘scenic route’ in cocktail building and source ingredients of the finest grade. Case in point, we are just maniacal enough to roast our own hazelnuts and pick our own fir needles to build our house made bitters. We use only real juice in our products.

Was it over the top to build our own double-gold winning amaro line just to make sure our cocktails were the pips?  Sure it was, but that's how we roll here at Straightaway.


Care to take a deeper dive? Check out Potent Stories: A Series of Short Episodes About Our Endless Sense of Curiousity and Meticulously Crafted Cocktails


More often than not, conversations here at Straightaway return to the subject of a proper drink.

We asked our team who they would most want to belly up to the bar with from the past or present.

  • Our Co-Founder Casey would like to belly up to the bar with Charles H. Baker, Paul Newman, and Barack Obama
  • Our Co-Founder CY would like to belly up the bar with Jack White, Kristen Wiig, and Damian Lillard